Naace Support

Naace Support for School Leaders

Naace has a long history of dedicated support for school leaders in empowering learning and school
improvement through the use of technology. Much of this web site is geared up to provide this. The other school improvement tabs from the menu will direct you to a number of other key tried and tested resources. Here we highlight some additional key resources for you.

Leadership Guides

A selection of videos put together by school leaders who discuss how they have transformed learning through the effective use of technology.

  • Capturing evidence of progress to build engagement in learning
  • Focusing on Progress
  • Happy to Learn
  • Capturing and using evidence of progress
  • The school culture
  • Tracking progress in drama
  • Developing focus on progress

Click here go to the video material.

White Papers

White Paper: The importance of capturing evidence of children's progress

This white paper has been prepared by Naace through the support provided by Fujitsu. The project to explore this involved telephone interviews with seven schools, followed by visits to three schools to interview several teachers in depth. In addition to this white paper there is a series of short videos (see above) in which teachers explain why they believe capturing evidence of pupils’ progress is important and how this captured evidence is used to help increase pupils’ engagement and to raise their achievement. Their videos are available in the Third Millennium Learning Award area of the Naace website.


There are three categories of eGuides which are being published to Naace members over the next few months:

  • Technology across the Curriculum
  • Computing Curriculum
  • Technology Management and School Leadership

The third of these is particularly relevant to you as a school leader and the second school leadership eGuide 8% budget cuts and more learning? – how schools are being re-shaped for a connected world is now available. The first of the leadership guides is An Essential Guide to Digital Leaders- click the link above to find and download them.