The NaaceMark Award

NaaceMark is an award available to schools that have achieved level 2 across all elements of the Naace Self Review Framework (SRF). Schools will be notified of the opportunity to apply for the NaaceMark Award via the SRF Online system once they have reached the required level.

Schools applying for the NaaceMark school will be allocated to an accredited assessor, whose judgment will be moderated by a secondary assessor. The assessor will first check that the data entered by the school in the SRF Online system meets the requirements, before scheduling a visit. The visit serves to check that the school’s view of its own progresses matches the requirements of SRF.

During the visit, schools are expected to provide the assessor with the following as requested:

  • A tour of the school
  • Meetings with:
  • The Headteacher and other relevant Senior Leadership Team members
  • The school’s Edtech lead
  • A group of pupils
  • A group of staff, including teaching staff and technical staff
  • A group of parents
  • A group of governors

After considering all of the above, the assessor will require a short period to reflect on the evidence as they have seen it. The assessor will then meet with the Headteacher, Senior Leadership Team and the Edtech lead once more, and indicate whether they will recommend to Naace that the school passes the award with respect to the criteria.

The assessor will draft a post-visit report for the Naace Board of Management, which will also be shared with the school. Once the Naace Board of Management agrees that the school meets the award requirements, the school must complete an online questionnaire covering their experience of the SRF and the assessor’s visit.

Once the questionnaire is completed, the school is formally recognised as having achieved the NaaceMark award and will receive its certificates, the NaaceMark logo and badge.

The award is valid for three years from the date that the Naace Board of Management formally informs the school of its success. The school may then use the NaaceMark logo for three years.

After three years, the school must re-apply for the NaaceMark award in order to uphold its qualified status – each renewal will involve an assessment visit.


  • The cost associated with the assessment visit is £495 for primary schools, and £550 for secondary schools
  • Successful schools may also request a NaaceMark plaque and lapel badges – cost on enquiry: